Monday, June 20, 2011

Why Sparrow Walk?

Sparrow Walk is my unique "bird-walk" through  the experiences in my life.
  I learned in college psychology there are two types of thinkers; Convergent and Divergent.
Now the Convergent thinker is logical, takes the linear approach, and is really good at getting things done.

Unfortunately, I find I am a Divergent thinker. This means that I don't just get necessarily get to point B directly from point A. (You wouldn't believe all the letters I can find between A and B)  One thought triggers another, and I am off the track on another bird-walk. 

Positives and Pitfalls- 
I'm interested in learning everything,  I consider myself somewhat of a Modern Day Renaissance Woman, with lots of interests (and yes, distractions). I always want to know "Why?" and my motto is "Question everything"

This makes it really interesting when I ask a Linear thinker why they do something a certain way.  Although my motive is insight and a desire for a new view, often asking why something is being a done certain way, is perceived as a criticism; when really I'm just intrigued by a fresh idea or new concept. Needless to say, this can cause a few problems.

Being a Divergent thinker has had me starting lots of projects in the past, but then having so many irons in the fire I never get back to finishing the first one. No, it's not procrastination, but that something else has just captured my attention.  I have finally found that the key for me is to travel with a notepad and make lists. Jot down the new thought, new idea, song lyric, invention, what-have-you, instead of being distracted from the moment. Then later I can revisit the new thought at a more appropriate time instead of just following through on the "Next Great Idea."

 Divergent thinking-great for ideas, not so great for getting things done.  But then of course, I'm the one who suggests using my high-heel to pound nails when there is no hammer at hand.  I'm adaptable and people find me entertaining because they never know what I will say....sometimes I don't even know what is going to come out of my mouth. (And I think I'd like a career in Public Speaking?)

Anyway, that's the walk part of the name....Seems like I'm off on a tangent....but about the Sparrow part...
 "Bird-walk" was already taken,  and I first thought of ChickWalk because I'm a female bird-walker, but it seemed too cutesy and trite. Suddenly, I woke up a 2 AM with "Sparrow Walk". The sparrow of the Bible is a most insignificant creature, and yet God still takes note when one falls from the sky.  He keeps everything on track.  I find this is especially true for me. He provides the discipline and direction lacking in my nature, and keeps this small Sparrow constantly in His eye.  I find under His direction, I can actually accomplish change in my small corner of the world.

Well there you have it-- Sparrow Walk.  What kind of thinker are you?  I make no apologies for my thoughts.   Let me hear yours. 

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  1. She really does "bird-walk" It's frustrating for a linear thinker! I grew up being raised by her! She still drives me crazy! But I love you anyway!